This membership gives you access to webinars with experts in their perspective fields pertaining to wellness and anti-aging. Additional perks are savings on all product you purchase from us and exclusive deals on treatments in each seminar.

* 6 Month Membership $100 - includes 10% off products and entry to all classes.
Class without membership $40

Classes are on Zoom - 1.5 hours long


Theme: Body Scrub and Exfoliant. LPG

Package 1
Full Body Scrub with 1 hour massage for two people

Package 2
LPG x5


Theme: Skin Care - Bring your skin care products.

Package 1
Miso therapy with Oxygen


Theme: Make-Up - 7 Minute Make-Up Routine

Package 1
Endermolift with eye 3 treatment


Theme: Oils - Uses For Oils

Package 1
Vitamin C Facials


Theme: Pigmentation, IPL

Package 1
IPL face + hands


Theme: Facial Exfoliating

Package 1
Green peel x 2 + Hydrating Facial

Package 2
Chemical Peel + Micro