Flawlessly framed eyes 

Imagine waking up with flawlessly shaped, defined eyebrows. That's the beauty of microblading.

If you're tired of spending time shaping and filling in your brows every morning, microblading could be the perfect solution for you.
Microblading is a new technique in the world of semi-permanent makeup. At Monterella, we aim for a natural look and we're exceedingly proud of our meticulous artistry and the natural-looking hair strokes we achieve.

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Microblading menu

  • Microblading $550


  • Combination brows $600
  • Lip blush $500
  • Brow touch up $150


  • Annual touch up $300



Meet Kadie

Meet our microblading artist, Kadie! She is a certified permanent makeup technician specializing in eyebrow microblading, powder brows, and lip blush. Kadie is known for create natural-looking results. Her work is very powerful in how it boosts people's confidence.


Great service & care—Always!