Waxing in Oakville

Why Wax? — Feel Fresh and Smooth

If you’re looking for a professional waxing experience tailored just for you, turn to one of the most luxurious waxing spas in Oakville — Monterella Boutique and Spa. We offer a variety of treatments, from aromatherapies and beauty regimens to body scrubs. Indulge in VIP treatment at an affordable waxing cost.

Superb Experience With Our Wide Range of Beauty Waxing Treatments

Providing clients with the best waxing in Oakville since 2005, we at Monterella Boutique
& Spa are dedicated to getting you smooth, shining, and radiant at the end of every session.

Enjoy some of our popular waxing treatments:

Body Waxing

    Full body waxing offers a fresh start for any client. We use specially-formulated techniques that will get you the results you want with the least amount of pain.

    Sideburn Waxing

      For male clients who struggle with unwanted facial hair, we provide pain-free sideburn waxing. This results in cleaner lines and ensures that when hair grows back, it becomes smoother and much finer.

      Eyebrow Wax

      Eyebrows are one of the most noticeable features of a person’s face and contributes to the overall face depth and shape. Our beautifying eyebrow waxing services will shape your eyebrows for a more youthful and charming look.

      Brazilian Wax in Oakville

      We offer one of the most relaxing Brazilian wax treatments in Oakville. With waxing, you get longer lasting results while minimizing the risk of irritation. Our trained staff will make sure your experience is as painless as possible.

      No matter your goals, Monterella Boutique & Spa is your go-to haven for luxurious waxing in Oakville.

      Benefits of Waxing

      Waxing has a an extensive list of benefits compared to other hair removal techniques and will keep you coming back for more. It exfoliates your skin, prevents ingrown hair, results in thinner hair re-growth, and saves you time and money. A quick visit with us will change your life and how you view body grooming.

      Indulge, Refresh, and Relax by Visiting Waxing Services Near You!

      Expect nothing but the best, full on pampering with Monterella Boutique & Spa. With our professionally trained staff, up-to-date equipment, and premier-quality products, you are in good hands. 

      We offer professional body waxing for both women and men. No matter the occasion (be it modelling, sports, or going to the beach or pool), you can trust us to offer the best service possible.

      We only use the highest quality products and follow strict standards for hygiene to give you the best results. Call us now at (905) 844-4343 for a free personalized consultation for waxing in Oakville.

       Women's Waxing Services

      • Chin $15 | 10 Min
      • Upper Lip $14 | 10 Min
      • Combo Lip & Chin $25 | 15 Min
      • Eyebrow Wax $20 | 15 Min
      • Underarms $23 | 15 Min
      • Full Arm $45 | 20 Min
      • Half Arm $30 | 15 Min
      • Bikini Line $25 | 15 Min
      • Brazilian $53 | 20 Min
      • Upper Leg $40 | 15 Min
      • Full Leg $65 | 30 Min
      • Lower Leg & Bikini Line $58 | 30 Min
      • Upper Leg & Bikini Line $60 | 30 Min
      • Full Leg & Bikini Line $80 | 45 Min
      • Lower Leg $40 | 15 Min
      • Toe Wax - Big Toes $12 | 5 min
      • Back $70 | 20 Min


      • Low Back $35 | 20 Min


      • Half Back $20 | 15 Min


      • Tummy $15 | 10 Min


      • Chest $45 | 20 Min
      • Neck $22 | 10 Min
      • Full Face $45 | 20 Min
      • Sideburns $17 | 10 Min
      • Ear $15 | 15 Min
      • Nose $15 | 10 Min
      • Wax Brow & Brow Tint $35
      • Full Body $285
      • Eyelash Tinting $25
      • Eyebrow Tinting $25
      • Combo Eyebrow Tint & Eyelash Tint $47
      • Combo Eyebrow Wax & Tint $42
      Waxing legs

      Please Inquire For Men's Waxing Services

      Waxing chest

      Other Services